MV Switchgear and Kiosks

MV Switchgear and Kiosks

SES has partnered with TGood Australia to bring to our customers within the electrical industry a range of high quality and value priced MV Switchgear, Kiosk Substations, Ring Main Units and fully modularised E-Rooms. Since 2004 when TGood was founded by a forward thinking team of German and Chinese engineers, they have been supplying high quality MV / HV switchgear and solutions in the world market. Two years ago they launched their Australian arm of the business where they are backed up by a team of experienced and professional engineers based from their head office in Brisbane. SES is excited to be a partner with TGood in the Australian market and feel that the customizable nature of their products, their fast delivery times, high quality German engineered products and great value and price point will make them a force to be reckoned with in a very short time in the local market. In addition the reputation the SES has established as a quality supplier of power infrastructure, tied in with the stability and global support of the BGW Group we are now able to supply not only your LV requirements on your projects but also a full suite of MV and HV products.

Ring Main Units

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Withdrawable MV Switchgear

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SES Compact Modular Substation Solutions

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